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Why spread trading may just be your best bet.

Spread betting your way to financial freedom is becoming ever more popular as the weeks go by. So what is spread trading? And why is it considered superior to more conventional stock trading methods? You can make money if the markets go up, down or even sideways; unlike traditionally just buying in to one side […]

Can you really make money trading

Vince Stanzione assures us that it’s more than possible to make fantastic profits from financial trading. Treat trading as a business, it’s not a game. If you take it seriously by recording your trades, use your time to learn the trading fundamentals properly and accept that you’ll never know it all, you should do well. […]

How to make money from Trading

Making money as a trader can be one of the most lucrative business you will ever have the good fortune of being involved in; after all I’m living proof. But some people, even with blueprint in hand, just can’t get it to work. In fact it never ceases to amaze me at the number of […]

The dizzy world of day trading

For those that know me or have done any research on me, they’ll know that my trading style revolves around longer term trend trading. The glaringly obvious reason that I trade this way is because it’s profitable; way more profitable than day trading has ever been. Too many new traders think trading the markets is […]

When to Buy and when to Sell

I’ve been trading for almost 30 years, during which I have seen all manner of systems, gurus, tipping services come and mostly go. But what I have always noticed about all these offers is that a: they always tell you when to get in a trade but never when to get out. b: they always […]

10 foolproof ways on how not to become a losing trader

  Many new traders start trading the markets without having any sort of plan. Because of this, many a losing trader just second guess price direction. This is especially true when the position is losing. Inexperienced traders tend to close the winning trades and keep the losers. Traders are unaware that most of the news […]

Traders Millions By The Minute

If you didn’t see “Traders Millions By The Minute” in the week, here is a link to watch the entire episode on youtube  Lot’s of day trading covered and lot’s of reasons why not to do it. Stress and poor returns spring to mind immediatley!

Financial spread betting course FAQ's

Q. How long does it take to read your course Vince?A. Most students can read it and take the information in easily within a month. Q. How much can I lose Vince, I’ve heard such stories?A. That’s the beauty of financial spread betting. You can use a guaranteed stop loss so you know your exact […]