There are many online bookmakers nowadays and trading online has never been more accessible. Opening an account with a financial spread betting company can give you the option to trade a huge amount of shares, currencies, commodities and indices all from a single account.

You also get to trade in a chosen currency to simplify things further. The screenshot beneath is taken from my actual trading account at IG Index. You can see that I was trading using £ sterling even though I am betting on US indices.

Financial bookmaker


Using the above example you can see at the bottom of the image that I had open positions on Wall Street, which is the Dow Jones Index. The contract had a March expiry which is actually on the 15th and was the 3rd Friday in March.

All spread bets just like a regular futures contracts must have an expiry date. However, should I wish to keep my bet open and not let it expire I can rollover my bet from March until June or even September.

Also in the above image you can see the open price of each position. So for example I have £10 a point position at 12752. A point on the Wall St index is 12752 to 12753, other markets may be 1/10 and sometimes even as low as 1/100th

The screenshot also displays the current price which is 13911.5. So this means the profit is the current price minus the entry price x £10 stake per point.

Of course if I had bet that the market was going to move down but it actually went up I’d of lost money. An interesting point to consider in this scenario is that if I use a stop loss I can limit my losses to say 100 points; but the potential upside profit far exceeds the downside.

The price tells the truth when financial spread betting

Ever wondered what separates the most successful financial traders with losers? If the price of a stock is moving say 60, 61, 65 70 it’s obvious that the price is clearly rising. Regardless as to what some indicator is saying or what the newspaper is predicting I believe the price is telly the truth and as such should always be heeded.

Far too many traders concern themselves with irrelevant practices that over complicate the successful and simple winning strategies available.

Newbies especially try predicting the top or bottom of a price and often can’t accept when they are wrong. This then leads them to holding losing positions and losing even more money.

Unless you happen to have access to a real crystal ball that can show you the future then it’s far better to use a proven trading system and stay with it.

Keep it Simple

In this technology driven area it’s easy to get caught up in and indeed become overwhelmed with real-time data, streaming charts, business news channels, apps, free bets and a whole host of other temptations when trading the markets.

The truth is though that less is most certainly more when it comes to making money from financial spread betting.
The more you over complicate a system, the more chance you have of it going wrong or even being able to follow it. Most of the technical indicators available to help you trade are actually totally useless. And you certainly don’t need the latest computer programme that claims it can predict market directions.

The most important factor when trading any market is the price.


My trading course has continually made profits for my many subscribers for over 17 years. Here are a few reasons why learning to use my strategy in 2015 may be just the business you have been looking for.

  • Very low start-up costs compared to conventional businesses, you can spread bet from pennies a point.
  • I’m so confident you’ll profit using my system that I give you a full year to test it out for yourself, if you believe you can’t make a profit using it, simply send it back for a full refund.
  • I still to this day try to answer emails personally if you have a query about using the Vince Stanzione System.
  • A single trade can often make more points profit in a month than horse racing tipsters make in a year.
  • Clear entry and exit points make things simple and remove fear trading and unnecessary losses.
  • Know your total liability before you ever risk a single penny.
  • No chasing loses or stupid banking strategies.
  • Easy to learn and only takes a few minutes a day.
  • Work from anywhere in the world.
  • No complicated or fluff filled concepts to understand.
  • Make money from up, down and even sideways markets.
  • Full access to the Vince Stanzione member’s area.
  • Tax free [UK] you get to keep all your profits
  • Easy to compound your bank for increased profits
  • Nothing else to buy, no stock, no hidden fees, no recurring billing.
  • Learn from a multi-millionaire veteran trader that makes money using the exact same system

I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the point. If you’re serious about making from trading the financial markets in 2015 order my course risk free today. Or contact me here if you have any pre ordering questions.

To your Success

Vince Stanzione

Vince Stanzione

If you are new to financial trading, the idea of being able to trade the markets and make money from rising, falling and even sideways markets can come as a surprise. But understanding this concept is critical to maximizing your long term profits.

Many new traders find it difficult to grasp the fact that you can make just as much profit from falling markets as you can if the price is going up. Fortunately though, once this simple idea is understood traders go on to make profitable trades from all angles.

There is no point in trading and having a bias toward a particular side of the market. Some people claim that they prefer trading bull markets, but in reality it makes no difference as there is no bias that exists. Trend trading occurs in up and down markets.

Another area of trading that often goes unnoticed and is also misunderstood is the option of trading sideways movements. Occasionally a price will move within a certain range before a price breakout occurs. This can present good opportunities for trades using “no touch” at but is also good if trying to trade shorter term movements from 1-6 months.

As traders gain experience from using my financial trading course; those that were not accustomed to the trading the markets from different directions gain confidence and go on to become successful traders.

As with any trading strategy, avoid taking too big a position in relation to your bank size and using stop losses to predefine your risk is the most sensible option to take.

It makes no difference how much money you already have or don’t have when it comes to Business show Londoninvesting in your future. Investing time, effort and sometimes money to learn more to enable you to reach your goals is an on-going process.

You might have bucket loads of money, but that doesn’t mean you can swim, speak Greek, or cook fantastic Indian food. On the contrary you may be able to do 1000 press-ups nonstop, make the most amazing cupcakes or be a Swedish model that speaks Mandarin and Japanese but you are totally skint.

As you can see, there is always room for improvement wherever you are in your life.

Recently I went to an internet marketing seminar in Liverpool. It was an informative day and I took in a lot about the current state on the internet, where it might be heading and what’s working online at the moment.

A friend of mine commented on why I even bothered to go as I didn’t need to know how to make more money. I took the time to explain the above to him and pointed out that being a successful financial trader doesn’t mean I have to retire or give up learning more about things that interest me.

You see, it’s still very important for me to invest in my future. One thing I like to stay up to date with is internet marketing, so whether it’s reading a book or catching the train to Liverpool to learn something new, you can count me in.

This Friday I’m giving a talk at the London Business Show. It’s totally free and you can find a wealth of information under one roof if you’re interested in starting your own business, making money online, franchising and just about every other area of business you can imagine.

I love the buzz of the place, everyone so eager and optimistic and it’s a chance for me to offer budding entrepreneurs some free advice.

You can get your free tickets here If your about and you pop in to see me on the Wiley stand.


Spread trading

Spread betting your way to financial freedom is becoming ever more popular as the weeks go Spread tradingby. So what is spread trading? And why is it considered superior to more conventional stock trading methods?

  • You can make money if the markets go up, down or even sideways; unlike traditionally just buying in to one side of the market.
  • Financial spread betting is tax free in the UK. Everything you make is yours to keep.
  • You can start small; this is great for new traders. You can learn to trade and build up your bank without fear of losing a big investment.
  • Markets can be traded 24 hours a day in some instances. So if you have a day job you can still find time to practice and make money.
  • You can use a stop loss; this is a priceless tool over other trading methods. You place a stop loss on your trade so that you know your total liability on the bet. This means that you have a limited downside, but the upside is huge in comparison.
  • One single account at one of the financial bookmakers give you the opportunity to trade hundreds of global markets in a flash.
  • You can use your spread betting account to hedge other positions you may have so that you cover any possible losses. You are creating a win win situation.
  • It’s very easy to trade online; since the age of the internet, trading has become easier and easier to do. Most of the obstacles that traders once faced have been illuminated.


These are just a few of the benefits financial spread trading has to offer over other more conventional stock trading methods. Plus, if you use a longer term trading system when spread betting you can really outperform other traders.

I say this because many traders fail to make profits from spread trading because they trade from day to day. Longer term financial spread betting wipes the floor with any day trading system.

As I have said before, I have been trading for nearly 30 years and I’m yet to see a day trading system that out performs my trading system. And as I have said to so many new spread traders, if your trading activities are taking more than 30 minutes a day to do, you are doing something drastically wrong.

Use the benefits that financial spread trading has to offer to make easy, stress free profits. Don’t use them to over complicate something that is best kept simple.


Vince Stanzione

Vince Stanzione assures us that it’s more than possible to make fantastic profits from financial trading.

Treat trading as a business, it’s not a game. If you take it seriously by recording your trades, use your time to learn the trading fundamentals properly and accept that you’ll never know it all, you should do well.

Forget trading for fun or image status, you’ll never make money with that attitude. If you want some trading excitement watch “The wolf of wall street” it will be far cheaper.

You have more opportunity than ever to make money from trading nowadays. You can trade from anywhere in the world, in only a few minutes a day. You don’t have to be at your desk all day long to make profits either.

You can learn more here or order my comprehensive trading package here.

learning to trade the stock market

learning to trade the stock marketMaking money as a trader can be one of the most lucrative business you will ever have the good fortune of being involved in; after all I’m living proof. But some people, even with blueprint in hand, just can’t get it to work. In fact it never ceases to amaze me at the number of people that start of trading the markets fantastically only to break the rules for no reason whatsoever and go on to lose money.

How to make money from trading is actually not difficult to learn. Fortunately for my student’s, they can email me for first hand advice if they are unsure about anything. For many though, they have no choice to but learn the hard and expensive way. And what’s worse, that’s after they have bought into some type of unproven, here today, gone tomorrow system.

But why is it that the same winning strategy given to a group of students produces spectacular results for some but not others?

Some of my students have made serious incomes from trading my system. I’m talking 6 and 7 figures yearly. Yet others just will not follow the rules!

Human error in trading

We all have unique personalities, but new traders tend to have certain traits within their How to make money tradingpersonalities that come to the fore. And it’s these traits that dictate the way they trade.

You could give them the simplest trading system on the planet to profit from; but as soon as their personalities and traits take over the trading decisions, the problems soon begin.

I have been teaching students to trade the markets for nearly 20 years. I’ve seen a lot in those years. I’m not going to say I’ve seen it all but I’ve witnessed some crazy stuff that traders have done. From these personal experiences, this is what I have continually noticed from new traders. And this is what you do not want to do if you are serious about making money trading.

Impatient Traders

Far too many traders become impatient as soon as the going gets good. Logic and rules are replaced with greed and speed. The desire to make more and more money as quick as possible starts to rule the brain; and from there on in things start to go wrong.

Trading is a waiting game, and that’s where the money is truly made. Some people just can’t wait. The surprising thing is that longer term trend trading and day trading both involve waiting to make profits.

But for the trader that can’t stand waiting, day trading becomes far more appealing for some reason? Problem is that they soon become impatient with waiting when day trading. So once again they break every trading rule they have. This time though they can at least lose their money faster so there’s less waiting.

I want more and I want it now.

For those new traders that are capable of handling the waiting, another bright idea always seems to enter the mind. This is the, I want everything now trader, I want it all; I want more bang for my buck if I’m going to have to wait for it.

So to quench this hunger the stakes must be raised. Ultimately the stakes are doubled, trebled, quadrupled. And… It’s bye bye bank. I have seen traders blow their entire bank on a single trade. It’s all gone on a dead cert. That’s gambling not trading.

Slow and steady wins the trading race. Bank preservation is a vital component to all traders. So don’t trade bigger than your bank allows.

That’s entertainment.

trading forumTrading is a serious business, or at least it is if you want to make any money. But for many traders, trading is more some sort of elaborate game. They get on the forums and chat rooms to talk big [or small] it’s play time for them.

Even though they think they are trying to trade to make a profit, they are actually trading to make a social life in many instances. This is never admitted though. But there is an entertainment value for many traders.

Some of these entertainment traders actually have all the right attributes to go on to become fantastic traders. They are naturally patient, can follow a system, but the wealth plan is often flawed with these traders.

There is no ambition to make more, to compound their banks and no real drive in them. Trading to them is just better than watching TV.

The pessimists

If something’s simple, it’s obviously too simple to work; if there’s effort involved, it’s far too complicated. There’s no winning with this group, instead of progress they find problems. Financial spread betting is often a total waste of time here.

Wrong way round

A golden rule of trading is cut your losses short and let your profits run. But this type of trader always takes a profit to soon. Instead of letting their profits run they fear losing the profit that they have made so they take the profit to early. To add to this losing strategy, they are also unable to take a loss. They just can’t accept a small loss so they keep their losing trade open in the hope that the trade turns round. When it doesn’t they end up taking an even bigger loss. They just have it all round the wrong way.

Learning how to trade

When you are learning something new, it’s not always plain sailing. You will find some things Vince stanzione courseincredibly difficult to do. Then one day you will look back and find the situation comical because it’s now become so easy.

It is exactly the same with trading. You may find it really difficult to accept losing money on a trade in the beginning. But with practice you gain confidence and you learn to trust what you have read and been told to do.

Trading is not difficult at all to do and make great profit’s from. As long as you can follow some simple rules and avoid becoming emotionally attached to your trades, the winners will far outrun the losers. You will get losing trades, but using the Vince Stanzione course you will learn to cut them short and let the winners run and run.



For those that know me or have done any research on me, they’ll know that my trading style revolves around longer term trend trading. The glaringly obvious reason that I trade this way is because it’s profitable; way more profitable than day trading has ever been.

Too many new traders think trading the markets is like what they see in the films on TV. They get romanced by the whole idea. They think it looks good. They really think that they can have their new Ferrari on the driveway next month from their forex day trading profits. Unfortunately they couldn’t be further from the truth.

You see, day trading is actually one of the worst paid jobs online today. Many day traders never make a profit at all. And of the ones that do, statistics state less than 1% make enough to live on. After this, you have to take into account that you are using your own funds to try and make a profit over the course of the day {however long you decide that to be}. So the idea isn’t that great in reality; In fact far from it.

You also have to remember that the above stats are all based on you knowing how to trade… So as a beginner… Ouch!

So how comes in the films, TV and even the News you see trading rooms packed with day traders making millions each minute? Well actually you don’t. You see, in all these films and so on the people trading are being paid to trade! That is their job. They are paid to trade other people’s money. That’s how your hedge fund manager makes a living, trading some poor suckers money, and if they get a result they get a commission.

Many of these so called professional traders have about as much financial trading ability as my favourite blindfolded chimp. It’s all wind and rain with them; if they can’t dazzle you with brilliance they’ll baffle you with BS.

In essence, fund managers are just trading with virtual funds, just like you get free at the financial bookmakers when you open an account. Unfortunately the funds are real, that’s some fools money there.

I’ve been trading the markets for almost 30 years and I’m yet to see a day trading system or strategy that will consistently deliver over the long term.

If you’re serious about making a living or income from financial trading, be certain you’re serious for the right reasons. Are you in to win or in to look good?
You can read more about my trading system here or contact me here.

I’ve been trading for almost 30 years, during which I have seen all manner of systems, gurus, tipping services come and mostly go.

But what I have always noticed about all these offers is that
a: they always tell you when to get in a trade but never when to get out.
b: they always advise going long and have a bias for up trends; almost like trading a down movement isn’t profitable or realistic.

So when writing my financial trading course, I knew what I wanted to offer to new traders; this being an easy to understand system, which had a clear entry and exit strategy.

Right now I have many positions open on U.S stocks. But what’s crucial is that my system will give me a crystal clear signal of when and if to close the position and then another when to re-enter and buy back into the position for further profits.

You can read more about my trading system here, and see how you can profit from up, down and even sideways trading.