I’ve been trading for almost 30 years, during which I have seen all manner of systems, gurus, tipping services come and mostly go.

But what I have always noticed about all these offers is that
a: they always tell you when to get in a trade but never when to get out.
b: they always advise going long and have a bias for up trends; almost like trading a down movement isn’t profitable or realistic.

So when writing my financial trading course, I knew what I wanted to offer to new traders; this being an easy to understand system, which had a clear entry and exit strategy.

Right now I have many positions open on U.S stocks. But what’s crucial is that my system will give me a crystal clear signal of when and if to close the position and then another when to re-enter and buy back into the position for further profits.

You can read more about my trading system here, and see how you can profit from up, down and even sideways trading.