Q. How long does it take to read your course Vince?
A. Most students can read it and take the information in easily within a month.

Q. How much can I lose Vince, I’ve heard such stories?
A. That’s the beauty of financial spread betting. You can use a guaranteed stop loss so you know your exact liability on any one trade. You are never put in an unexpected situation.

Q. How long before I can start to trade?
A. First things first. It’s always best to open a virtual account to begin with so you can learn how to trade properly before using real money.

Q. I heard I can only make money if the stock market is going up, is that true?
A. That’s one of the biggest myths in the stock market. You can in fact make money in the markets from up, down and even sideways price movement.

Q. What style of trading are you going to teach me?
A. My system is a trend following system based on price

Q. I’m not really any good at maths though Vince?
A. You don’t have to be, a simple calculator is all you’ll need.

Q Vince I’m in my 60s and not great with computers, will I be able to manage?
A. Computers are a lot more stable nowadays and much more user friendly so it’s has become rare to have PC issues. Also the financial bookmaker websites are far more user friendly than years ago and support is easily available should you need it.

Q. So who handles my funds?
A. You do, you are always in complete control of your own funds.

Q. What are the most common mistakes new traders make and how can I avoid doing the same?
A. Over-trading… I see it regularly, new traders in a rush to make money. You have to keep a steady pace and not get carried away; especially when you are winning. Also new traders start chasing losses and start trading the wrong markets if they decide to play catch-up. You just don’t need to do any of that.

Q. What do I get in your financial spread betting course?
A. You get the A4 printed workbook, 2 ½ hours of DVD content, a copy of my bestselling book “The Millionaire Dropout” access to the traders website and also you have direct access to me personally.

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