The price tells the truth when financial spread betting

Ever wondered what separates the most successful financial traders with losers? If the price of a stock is moving say 60, 61, 65 70 it’s obvious that the price is clearly rising. Regardless as to what some indicator is saying or what the newspaper is predicting I believe the price is telly the truth and as such should always be heeded.

Far too many traders concern themselves with irrelevant practices that over complicate the successful and simple winning strategies available.

Newbies especially try predicting the top or bottom of a price and often can’t accept when they are wrong. This then leads them to holding losing positions and losing even more money.

Unless you happen to have access to a real crystal ball that can show you the future then it’s far better to use a proven trading system and stay with it.

Keep it Simple

In this technology driven area it’s easy to get caught up in and indeed become overwhelmed with real-time data, streaming charts, business news channels, apps, free bets and a whole host of other temptations when trading the markets.

The truth is though that less is most certainly more when it comes to making money from financial spread betting.
The more you over complicate a system, the more chance you have of it going wrong or even being able to follow it. Most of the technical indicators available to help you trade are actually totally useless. And you certainly don’t need the latest computer programme that claims it can predict market directions.

The most important factor when trading any market is the price.