It makes no difference how much money you already have or don’t have when it comes to Business show Londoninvesting in your future. Investing time, effort and sometimes money to learn more to enable you to reach your goals is an on-going process.

You might have bucket loads of money, but that doesn’t mean you can swim, speak Greek, or cook fantastic Indian food. On the contrary you may be able to do 1000 press-ups nonstop, make the most amazing cupcakes or be a Swedish model that speaks Mandarin and Japanese but you are totally skint.

As you can see, there is always room for improvement wherever you are in your life.

Recently I went to an internet marketing seminar in Liverpool. It was an informative day and I took in a lot about the current state on the internet, where it might be heading and what’s working online at the moment.

A friend of mine commented on why I even bothered to go as I didn’t need to know how to make more money. I took the time to explain the above to him and pointed out that being a successful financial trader doesn’t mean I have to retire or give up learning more about things that interest me.

You see, it’s still very important for me to invest in my future. One thing I like to stay up to date with is internet marketing, so whether it’s reading a book or catching the train to Liverpool to learn something new, you can count me in.

This Friday I’m giving a talk at the London Business Show. It’s totally free and you can find a wealth of information under one roof if you’re interested in starting your own business, making money online, franchising and just about every other area of business you can imagine.

I love the buzz of the place, everyone so eager and optimistic and it’s a chance for me to offer budding entrepreneurs some free advice.

You can get your free tickets here If your about and you pop in to see me on the Wiley stand.