Spread trading

Spread betting your way to financial freedom is becoming ever more popular as the weeks go Spread tradingby. So what is spread trading? And why is it considered superior to more conventional stock trading methods?

  • You can make money if the markets go up, down or even sideways; unlike traditionally just buying in to one side of the market.
  • Financial spread betting is tax free in the UK. Everything you make is yours to keep.
  • You can start small; this is great for new traders. You can learn to trade and build up your bank without fear of losing a big investment.
  • Markets can be traded 24 hours a day in some instances. So if you have a day job you can still find time to practice and make money.
  • You can use a stop loss; this is a priceless tool over other trading methods. You place a stop loss on your trade so that you know your total liability on the bet. This means that you have a limited downside, but the upside is huge in comparison.
  • One single account at one of the financial bookmakers give you the opportunity to trade hundreds of global markets in a flash.
  • You can use your spread betting account to hedge other positions you may have so that you cover any possible losses. You are creating a win win situation.
  • It’s very easy to trade online; since the age of the internet, trading has become easier and easier to do. Most of the obstacles that traders once faced have been illuminated.


These are just a few of the benefits financial spread trading has to offer over other more conventional stock trading methods. Plus, if you use a longer term trading system when spread betting you can really outperform other traders.

I say this because many traders fail to make profits from spread trading because they trade from day to day. Longer term financial spread betting wipes the floor with any day trading system.

As I have said before, I have been trading for nearly 30 years and I’m yet to see a day trading system that out performs my trading system. And as I have said to so many new spread traders, if your trading activities are taking more than 30 minutes a day to do, you are doing something drastically wrong.

Use the benefits that financial spread trading has to offer to make easy, stress free profits. Don’t use them to over complicate something that is best kept simple.