Vince Stanzione

If you are new to financial trading, the idea of being able to trade the markets and make money from rising, falling and even sideways markets can come as a surprise. But understanding this concept is critical to maximizing your long term profits.

Many new traders find it difficult to grasp the fact that you can make just as much profit from falling markets as you can if the price is going up. Fortunately though, once this simple idea is understood traders go on to make profitable trades from all angles.

There is no point in trading and having a bias toward a particular side of the market. Some people claim that they prefer trading bull markets, but in reality it makes no difference as there is no bias that exists. Trend trading occurs in up and down markets.

Another area of trading that often goes unnoticed and is also misunderstood is the option of trading sideways movements. Occasionally a price will move within a certain range before a price breakout occurs. This can present good opportunities for trades using “no touch” at but is also good if trying to trade shorter term movements from 1-6 months.

As traders gain experience from using my financial trading course; those that were not accustomed to the trading the markets from different directions gain confidence and go on to become successful traders.

As with any trading strategy, avoid taking too big a position in relation to your bank size and using stop losses to predefine your risk is the most sensible option to take.